Based in Denmark, Dissing+Weitling strives to create good experiences through architecture in the field of mobility, building and renovation. We are here to make a difference and move you physically and emotionally.

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  • Sustainability & DGNBLasting through time

    We strive to create lasting, sustainable architecture and want it to make a positive difference to the people who use it every day.

    Dissing+Weitling, Orbicon, detail materials, Hampus Berndtson
  • AccessibilityBuildings for all

    We give advise on accessibility and universal design. Through our architecture we strive to strengthen mobility and social inclusion.

    Dissing Weitling aabuen detaildeck andreas trier mørch
  • Flexible ArchitectureDesign for change

    We have a passion for flexible spaces and environments that can meet different user needs, and we are always ready to share our knowledge.

    DissingWeitling_ECCO Conference Centre_stairscase_Adam Mørk
  • Master PlansUrban development

    We work on movement within and between cities and our mobility solutions help shape the physical development of cities and areas.

    Dissing Weitling Cykelslangenogdykker Rasmus Hjortshoj
  • Cultural HeritageGiving new life to old buildings

    We take gentle care of preservation-worthy buildings, converting them for use today, while preserving their relevance for the future.

    Dissing+Weitling, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, exhibition space
  • Consultancy & ICTDialogue and digital precision

    We strive to be the best possible consultants. Therefore, dialogue, confidence and professional advice are important for us from the very start.

    Dissing+Weitling, Scandic Spectrum, exterior