Path improvement project in the Botanical Garden improves drainage and accessibility

Dissing Weitling stier botanisk have
December 22, 2023

While the Botanical Gardens's unique rhododendron collection is being moved, a multi-year project to replace the pavement on the paths has been started - at the same time with an improved drainage solution for both paths and areas.

  • The unique collection of rhododendrons in the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen will be moved during 2023 to a site next to the Victoria Greenhouse, which Dissing+Weitling has renovated and re-established as a water greenhouse.

    The 200 square meter bed will get a water system with two 'lines' which come together in a basin at the bottom - in one stream a small waterfall is established.

    New pavement on paths and water channels

    The current pavements on the paths in the Botanical Gardens are worn down and obstruct the necessary accessibility for the public and employees.

    Furthermore, a rainwater simulation has shown that there is a need for better drainage of both paths and areas as downpour may become heavier in the future. Therefore, this major project to renovate the paths was started in the spring of 2023, and will proceed in 2 further stages in 2024 and 2025. The garden can thus be kept open to visitors while the work is in progress.

  • Victoriadrivhus vandfald etabl
    The small stream has been unofficially nicknamed Victoria Falls in reference to the Victoria Greenhouse, which is located nearby.
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    Built-in water channels in the cobblestones on the sloping paths lead rainwater to the sewers and out into the lake.

    The new path surface is made with either gravel or asphalt covered with stones depending on the slope of paths.

  • In the Botanic Garden there are approximately 440 rhododendron encompassing around 200 species. Of these, approximately 40 are on the IUCN "Redlist of Rhododendrons" - an international list of threatened species.

    Source: The University of Copenhagen.