Copenhagen University Observatory

Renovation of listed Observatory

Oberservatoriebygningen drone

The facilities in the three-winged Observatory building in the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen are being upgraded for research and teaching.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Culture and Museums, Transformations, Culture
    2022 - 2023
  • Client
    University of Copenhagen
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  • Paint analysis and space planning

    The transformation and renovation team did thorough paint analysis which identified the original pigments and binding materials in the wall paints. In addition, the team studied the original drawings and traces in the building, to form a picture of the life lived and the way in which the colours have supported this.

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  • Dissing+Weitling’s framework agreement on technical advice for the University of Copenhagen comprises renovation and upgrade of the Observatory Building's facilities.

    In collaboration with a number of European universities, the new center will contribute to bringing Denmark in the lead within AI and using artificial intelligence to solve societal challenges via research and business collaboration.

  • Farveprøve på væg observatoriebygningen

    The colours that are found on the ceilings, walls and woodwork are recorded and analysed.

  • Observatoriebygningen Dissing+Weitling
    The observatory complex Øster Voldgade 3 was designed by Architect Christian Hansen from 1859-61.
  • The thorough renovation includes surfaces, floors, roofing, brickwork, painting and technical installation work in the basement, ground floor and first floor of the 667 square meter building. New kitchenettes and bathroom facilities will also be established.

    On the outside, the facade's natural stone frieze and the dome will be renovated.

    The historical building will keep its unique charme while at the same time meet new user needs.

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  • The building was the center of astronomy for many years and functioned as residences for the Director and other staff. Today, the University of Copenhagen, the Department of Science Education, use the beautiful premises.

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    The listed building has a distinctive dome over the main entrance.