Further development of the floating bridge Bjørnafjorden

Bjørnafjorden Dissing Weitling
February 3, 2023

The World's longest floating bridge, E39 across Bjørnafjorden in Norway, is now entering a new phase of development.

  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has chosen team COWI, Aas-Jacobsen, Multiconsult and Dissing+Weitling to carry out the preliminary project for a future floating bridge on the E39 over the Bjørnafjorden.

  • The bridge will replace the current ferry and thus reduce the travel time from a 40-minute ferry ride to an 11-minute drive. The bridge will also be equipped with a cycle and footbridge.

    Engineers from COWI, Aas-Jacobsen and Multiconsult will carry out a FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) study. The FEED deals with the detailing and optimization of the chosen solution for the purpose of determining the final design of the bridge.

    Innovative and ground-breaking

    The construction and design of the ground-breaking bridge contains a lot of new technical breakthroughs and challenges ­– the bridge’s static function alone is challenging and presents the team with technical as well as aesthetic opportunities.

    Press release February 1, 2023, by Statens Vegvesen.

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