The world’s longest floating bridge

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Dissing+Weitling is part of the winning team designing and advising on the most advantageous bridge solution extending motorway E39 across Bjørnafjorden in Hordaland, Norway.

  • Norway
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2014 - In Progress
  • Client
    Statens Vegvesen
    COWI, Aas-Jokobsen, Multiconsult
    5.000 m
  • The new floating bridge will connect Bergen, Stord, Haugesund and Stavanger. It will replace the current ferry and thus reduce the travel time from a 40-minute ferry ride to an 11-minute drive. The bridge will also be equipped with a cycle and footbridge.

    The bridge is considered to be one of the most challenging cross-disciplinary project in Norway in modern times:

    - Due to its size alone the bridge will be a marked presence in the landscape, and we are therefore working on a simple and logical design that takes as its starting point the challenges found in the beautiful Norwegian countryside. Our design of the world’s longest floating bridge contains a lot of new technical breakthroughs and exciting challenges ­– the bridge’s static function alone is challenging and presents us with technical as well as aesthetic opportunities.

    Innovative and Ground-Breaking

    Bjørnafjorden is five kilometres wide and almost 600 metres deep, which in itself places demands on the application of new bridge technology – a technology the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been working on since 2009 in cooperation with the best Norwegian and foreign engineers.

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