Hising Bridge

New landmark bridge rises in Gothenburg

Dissing Weitling Hisingsbron under konstruktion

The Hising Bridge contributes to the development of the central city and a strong region. In July 2020 the huge pylons are put in place.

  • Gothenburg, Sweden
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2013 - Under Construction
  • Client
    The City of Gothenburg
    ELU / Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner
    440 m
  • The Hising Bridge (Götaälvbron) is marked out to become a new landmark for Gothenburg. It will aesthetically and literally connect the city and its vital harbour.

    Spanning over the central part of Scandinavia's most significant commercial harbour, the Hising Bridge will replace the existing Göta River Bridge, dating from 1939. The new bridge relates to its surroundings, the city and the harbour, where the towers and raising midsection creates new views accross the harbour front.

    The bridge will become 'a street’ within the city that will lead across the Göta River (Göta Älv) and bind the river shores together for cars, busses, trams, pedestrians and bicycles.

  • Hisingsbron bildreppyloner13 katrinsvensson 200720
    In 2013, Dissing+Weitling won the competition for the design of the bridge, beating a strong field of competitors, including Zaha Hadid, Snøhetta and Wilkinson Eyre.
  • The bridge offers a nice public boardwalk on the riverbank, creating an attractive new urban space for the citizens and visitors of the appealing city. It is one piece of the puzzle in the overall plan for the city's development: a portal for shipping and a landmark for Gothenburg.

    The new bridge is approximately 440 metres long and has a spectacular midsection, which can be raised 28 metres above the water, carried by four distinctive towers.

  • Pylons arriving in Gothenburg, transported from Spain.

    Pictures from Göteborgs Stad.