Skuru Bridge opens in an eastbound direction

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June 1, 2023

On the night of June 1, 2023, the new Skuru Bridge opened for traffic in an eastern direction, towards eastern Nacka, Värmdö.

  • The new Skuru Bridge is now open for road users going east towards Värmdö, Sweden.

    The bridge opens in two stages and this is the first. The second opening will take place during the summer.

  • Skuru Bron Foto Ase Wallin Trafikverket
    Photo: Åse Wallin, Trafikverket.
  • The new Skuru Bridge has been built to meet the increased pressure from a growing population in Nacka and Värmdö.

    Skuru Bridge will share the Sound with the existing Skuru Bridge which is a copy of the original arch bridge from 1914. At that time, it was the largest concrete bridge in Northern Europe. The original bridge has gained iconic status among bridge experts around the world.

    Dissing+Weitling was awarded 1st prize in a international bridge contest in Stockholm to design a new bridge across Skuru Sound.

  • Skurubron foto Åse Wallin Trafikverket
    The new bridge will solve an untenable traffic situation for people commuting to the capital, a figure exceeding 52,000 every day.. Photo: Åse Wallin, Trafikverket.
  • The new bridge has a structural lightness with a slender, aerodynamic deck in steel, and it is made as transparent as possible by, for example, aligning the piers of the new bridge with those of the existing bridge. This creates a connection between the two structures, and the new bridge will not block the view of the old.

  • Dissing Weitling skuru visualisering

    Skuru Bridge is made as transparent as possible to co-exist with the old iconic construction.

  • Collaborators are Leonhardt, Andrä und Partners and ELU Consult.

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