Dissing+Weitling designs 12 new light rail stations in China

Dissing+Weitling, Pingshan Light Rail Stations, interior
September 26, 2019

Dissing+Weitling has designed 12 new light rail stations and the appertaining conceptual design in connection with an infrastructure upgrade in the city of Pingshan in Shenzhen by the Chinese developer BYD.

Increasing traffic in and around the metropolis of Shenzhen in southern China calls for new and better transport solutions. In that connection, the local authorities in Pingshan has tasked BYD (Build Your Dreams), considered one of the world’s largest electric car and battery manufacturers, to build a new light rail with 12 stations in the area.

To solve the architectural and design part of the task, BYD has teamed up with Dissing+Weitling, whose portfolio includes a number of Chinese bridge, building and infrastructure projects.

The Design

The stations are characterised by their elegant and recognisable design which can be adjusted to all 12 stations and creates a red design thread on the railway.

Right from the start, the developer and local authorities wanted to build a series of stations with an effect beyond the mere functional – that is, they wanted more than new urban equipment; they wanted a recognisable structure.

Steen Jastrup, the project’s Lead Architect at Dissing+Weitling, says:

We have arrived at a design that is recognisable day and night and is characterised by the angular roofs, whose thin edges create a sword-like lightness and elegance. The ticketing area is located in a ‘box’ below the platform, and it is also characterised by a clear mode of expression with lamellae that give the design weight and contribute to keeping temperatures down. At the same time, the buildings are resistant to earthquakes and other extreme weather.

City of Design

Dissing+Weitling’s commitment in China includes building, mobility and bridge projects in cities like Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Shanghai, all of which are densely populated metropolises demanding intelligent architectural solutions and more humane urban spaces.