Laboratories and Biotechnology

Industrial Facilities and Work Environments

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Dissing+Weitling's work in the biotechnology field dates back to the days of Arne Jacobsen and Otto Weitling.

  • For decades, Dissing+Weitling has worked for pharmaceutical companies in both Denmark and Germany, serving as the 'house architect' in long-term collaborations, overseeing numerous laboratory, production, and administrative buildings - both transformations and new construction.

    Light and well-being

    Pharmaceutical construction must be tailored to efficient and optimized production - whether it's for research, food production, medicine, or anything else. Regardless, it places high demands on the building layout and design.

    Our experts advise on optimal solutions for specific industrial tasks and functions. This may include everything from filling stations, assembly machines, packaging, storage, laundry facilities, cafeterias, waste treatment, laboratories, canteens, refrigerated rooms, or administration areas - all designed to facilitate production in a meticulously planned flow, fully automated, and in comfortable workspaces.

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  • - We meticulously study the production conditions - down to the smallest detail - to create the design. We are always determined to optimize the amount of daylight and to create spatial quality and well-being for the employees. The comfortable indoor climate is crucial in any workplace, no matter how specialized it may be.

    Karsten Brandt-Olsen, Architect.

  • Photo: Louis Reed, Unsplash

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