User Needs Analysis

Processes and Design Thinking

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We always place the users at the center of the architecture we create. Using design tools, co-creation, and close dialogue, we analyze the user needs associated with a particular workplace, residential area, or urban space.

Our user process leaders and coordinators facilitate workshops and design processes for users, client organizations, and collaborators.

Process plans provide momentum and ownership

Our proposed solutions always stem from a thorough examination of the needs and requirements related to usage, location, time, and budget. We combine this with analyses and robust process plans. This ensures that we arrive at real and sustainable solutions while also enhancing the sense of ownership and relevance for the project stakeholders.

Our 3D designers visualize data using digital tools, thereby making progress and fostering a shared understanding of a project's scope and possibilities. Furthermore, this contributes to ensuring informed decision-making among project participants and owners.

In other words, needs analysis, dialogue, and user involvement are natural components of our work process and foundation when visualizing and modeling a potential future and architectural solution.

The methods we employ can include everything from quantitative and qualitative analyses, interviews, visualizations, workshops, and risk analyses to our own tools such as the Guide to Universal Design, which are used to incorporate as many user perspectives as possible.

Topfoto: Patrick Perkins, Unsplash.

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