Xiamen Bicycle Skyway

Bringing biking back to the people of Xiamen

Dissing+Weitling, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, green paving, Ma Weiwei

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway solves a pragmatic transport-related problem, accommodates the needs of the many and promotes bicycling.

  • Xiamen, China
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2016 - 2017
  • Client
    The City Government of Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal Planning and Design Administration
    JSTI Engineering / CSCEC Steel Structure
    7.6 km
    Liveable Cities, Danish Design Award, 2019 / National Habitat Award, Living Environment in China, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 2017
  • Photographer
    Ma Weiwei
  • Xiamen Bicycle Skyway is the world’s longest bicycle bridge and China's first suspended bicycle path on raised platforms. It is a safe and joyful experience to the citizens in Xiamen and an answer to the increased traffic congestion and pollution. It helps solve a pragmatic transport-related problem, while at the same time make a city greener, more liveable and accommodates the needs of the many.

    Xiamen Bicycle Skyway enhances mobility, connectivity and accessibility between people in Xiamen as an elevated bicycle pathway along the busy traffic road that integrates pedestrian bridges, ramps, roundabouts, bicycle parking, bicycle service pavilions and points of interest.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, bus, Ma Weiwei

    The bicycle bridge is 8-kilometres long and runs along and underneath the city’s existing overhead BRT skyway in the central part of the city. It covers the city’s five major residential areas and three business centers. There are 11 entries to the path, which will connect with 11 bus stations and two subway stations.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, bikers, Ma Weiwei
  • Award Winner

    The project has received great international media publicity and made it to the top in Danish Design Award 2019. As the winner of the new category, Liveable Cities, the solution is recognised as “having a positive effect on the city environment and ecology”.

    The Danish Design Award Jury 2019 says:

    ”Bringing new life to an otherwise dead part of the city and integrating different forms of traffic, the Skyway solves a very complex challenge. Skyway involves Danish architects reviving a part of Chinese daily life – cycling culture – in a new context. The design quality is impressive for a project on this scale, and the Skyway is overall a great example of how Danish design DNA can be adapted into a different local fabric.”

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  • Dissing+Weitling, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, aerial view, Ma Weiwei