P-91 in Bellakvarter

Multi-storey car park with character

Dissing+Weitling, P-91, facade and stairs

The architecture of the P-91 multi-story car park is sharp and inviting, and the facade plays with the transparency of the building. P-91 has been designed to enter into dialogue with the residential area, in spite of its simple function. On the ground floor, Dissing+Weitling has created space for activity and community.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Public Spaces and Stations
    2017 - 2018
  • Client
    Bellakvarter A/S
    ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører / CG Jensen
    13.958 m²
  • P-91 has 445 parking spaces for cars, 4 for motorcycles and 392 for bicycles. In addition, the ground floor has a number of community rooms for a furniture exchange centre, a playing field or fitness training, for instance, and these have been made visible to the surroundings by means of large glass sections. Inside, the floors are open, so it is easy to navigate when driving and walking.

    Golden aluminum panels wrap around the multi-story car park, as folded screens. This gives the building character and creates dancing shadow movements on the facade during the day. The facade is perforated, so daylight and fresh air floods into every floor, and the car park has a bright and pleasant indoor climate. The light appearance contrasts with the building's robust concrete base. The concrete has vertical profiles that surround the structure like a sculptural curtain.

  • Dissing+Weitling, P-91, interior and light

    P-91 is the first multi-story car park in Bellakvarter, a newer urban district being built with Bella Center as its core. Bellakvarter is part of Ørestad City in Copenhagen.