Mötesplats Nacka

New traffic hub for urban development in Stockholm

Dissing+Weitling, Mötesplats Nacka, model

Mötesplats Nacka is to become a new urban area in the Stockholm suburb of Nacka, with a new station: Nacka C. Dissing+Weitling has developed the project's underground infrastructure, which ensures quick and easy access to both the bus and metro.

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Public Spaces and Stations
    2017 - In Progress
  • Client
    Nacka Municipality, Trafikförvaltningen and Trafikverket
    ÅF Infrastructure AB
    36,000 m²
  • The project illustrates how we work with integrated and user-friendly mobility solutions in the city, and we will design the station bus terminal and tunnel.

    Today, a motorway intersects the central part of Nacka, and as part of the Mötesplats Nacka project, the traffic will be redirected from an uncovered road to a tunnel. The new bus terminal is located next to the tunnel, one level below the ground, and the metro station is located beneath, two levels below the ground. Stairs, escalators and elevators will connect the different levels, ensuring a user-friendly flow with short distances between the different transport options. The bus terminal and the tunnel will have a total area of approximately 36,000 m², and Nacka C will be the final destination of the metro line. The metro is scheduled to open in 2026-2027.

    On top of the station, a new space of possibilities will emerge for the new city centre of Mötesplats Nacka. The area has been planned as a vibrant neighbourhood, including commercial and residential buildings and parks that can be reached, whether you walk, bike, drive or use public transport.

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