Transforming an industrial relic to a social sustainable urban space

Kulkransporet Render Dissing+Weitling

Kulkransporet will transform into a new, recreational space, recycling the former industrial area's existing resources.

  • Aarhus, Denmark
    Public Spaces and Stations, Transformations
    2018 - In Progress
  • Client
    Aarhus Kommune
    Transform / Lendager Group / Søren Jensen / VEGA Landskab
    8,000 m² / 170 m long
  • Kulkransporet – a coal crane track – is the driving force in the development of the district Sydhavn in Aarhus, where the remains of a high concrete bridge are transformed into a new, recreational space.

    The urban space accommodates everyone from the family with children to the student, the socially marginalised and the businessperson, and the space consists of various attractive squares. Kulkransporet runs like the backbone of the new urban space. The bridge connects the city centre and the South Harbour in Aarhus with an animated and scenic line. It creates a vibrant public space above and below the bridge to meet all the needs of different users.

    Pedestrians can access the platform from three locations: ‘The Spanish Staircase’ at Frederiks Plads, which is a ramp-like staircase with a gentle slope, and through the ‘Coal Tower’ and the ‘Activity Tower’, which consist of external stairs that frame smaller plateaus on several floors. The Coal Tower targets people living and working in the city and includes meeting places, a coffee spot and urban life offices. The Activity Tower promotes movement, exercise and play in the area, and includes a winter garden, climbing net, trampolines and slides. The park below and around Kulkransporet also consists of activity facilities such as balancing stumps, swings and a covered skateboard park.

  • Kulkransporet Render Dissing+Weitling
  • Recycling

    We have integrated the existing materials in the industrial area into the design of Kulkransporet, and the towers consist of recycled steel components. The past is also visible in the landscape design, where natural vegetation plays an important role. Care to preserve self-grown and unpretentious elements at Kulkransporet allows for innovative thinking and diversity – physically as well as socially.

    Kulkransporet contains a strategy for socially marginalised people in the area by introducing drop-in shelters and other targeted activities. The socially marginalised people can play an active role in the local community by participating in various types of gardening and maintenance of community facilities.

  • Kulkransporet Render Dissing+Weitling
  • The Coal Bridge was built in 1950 to transport coal via a crane from ships in the port to Aarhus Gasworks. The future Coal Bridge will function anew and we won this transformation in a competition held by the Municipality of Aarhus.

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