Messina Bridge

Linking Italy and Sicily

Messina bridge day view 2

Together with engineer COWI, Dissing+Weitling designed the 3,690-metre-long suspension bridge which will be able to handle road and train traffic as well as two pedestrian lanes.

  • Italy
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2004 - In Progress
  • Client
    Stretti di Messina SpA
  • Flexible structure

    The bridge solution introduces a system that prevents movement at normal operation conditions, but during severe load conditions such as earthquake will allow movements of the girder and will be able to dissipate energy. The resistance of the bridge has been tested in wind tunnels by COWI.

    To provide a minimum vertical clearance for navigation of sixty-five meter, the height of the two towers is 382.6 meter.

  • Messina bridge day view 1

    Current estimates say construction will get started in mid-2025.