Masnedsund Bridge

Minimalistic design in harmony with its surroundings

Madsnedsund 2

The very simple expression in the design of Masnedsund bridge fits in perfectly with the existing neighbouring bridge and the landscape.

  • Denmark
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2014 - 2020
  • Client
    Rambøll / Aarsleff
    200 meter
  • Dissing+Weitling are behind the design of the new two-track railway bridge connecting the towns of Vordingborg and Masnedø. The bridge runs east of, and parallel with, the old bridge, and the very simple expression in the design leads the railway on a natural course over the sound, in harmony with the existing neighbouring bridge and the landscape.

  • Madsnedsund
  • The design

    The bridge is a part of a project to upgrade the railway between the town of Ringsted and the planned Fehmarnbelt link.

    The slender girders and bevelled stanchions are an extension of the striking expression of the new Storstrøm bridge that, with Dissing+Weitling as architects, is currently under construction to connect the islands of Sjælland and Falster in 2022.

    The design reflects work on the experience of the bridge as a whole, with priority on clean and subtle lines in the massive structures. Focus has also been on the interplay between light and shadow on the stanchions, and the interaction between the deck and the stanchions. These details afford the character to the bridge demanded by its conspicuous location.

    The landfalls at each end have been designed as longitudinal supporting walls inside the sheet piling. The supporting walls towards the water are made of concrete, and they ensure that the landfall plinth does not conflict visually with the underlying sheet piling.

    The bridge carries a noise screen towards the east. There is also an opening for inspection and rescue operations via a stairway. The stairway will have its own visual identity, and with its resemblance to a comma, it will stop and start the course of the railway through the landscape.