Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link

Pre-studies for fixed connection across the Fehmarn Belt

Dissing+Weitling, Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, bridge

Dissing+Weitling has prepared the conceptual design for the cable-stayed bridge over the Fehmarn Belt. Our design and studies were included in the Government's overall assessment of the connection's technical, economic, traffic and environmental aspects.

  • Puttgarden, Germany
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2009 - 2009
  • Client
    Femern A/S
    COWI / Obermeyer JV
    17.5 km
  • Our goal for the design was to create a link that not only complies with all the essential aspects of such a colossal infrastructure, but that is also one harmonious whole, consistent in design from one end to the other.

    Cable-stayed bridge

    The height and majesty of the soaring pylons make them spectacular elements of the bridge, and they provide the span with its signature quality. Their sculptural V-shape is instantly recognisable, contributing to an exciting experience for those crossing the bridge or viewing the link from land or sea.

    The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link will close a gap in the infrastructure between Scandinavia and the European continent, and will lead to greater flexibility and significant time savings for both passenger traffic and freight traffic. With a construction time of around 8.5 years, the Fehmarn Belt connection is expected to open for traffic in 2028.