University of Copenhagen, faculty workshop

From lecture theatre to specialist workshop

Dissing+Weitling KU Fakultetsværksted

Two former lecture theatres have been totally transformed into specialist mechanical and electronics workshops.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Workspaces and Educations, Transformations
    2019 - 2019
  • Client
    University of Copenhagen
  • Mechanical and electronics workshops

    The faculty workshop at the University of Copenhagen has undergone a metamorphosis from two lecture theatres to mechanical and electronics workshops designed with space for specialist machinery, chemical and dry rooms, storage facilities, offices, kitchen, toilets, wardrobes and showers.

    The mechanical workshop and the electronics workshop service students and researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology to develop and service of advanced research equipment.

  • Transformation

    The roof can be opened, so that large, heavy machinery can be hoisted in and out of the workshop.

  • Functions for more tasks

    The workshop is used for planned tasks and for short daily ad-hoc jobs as well as more iterative manufacturing processes in which prototypes are designed, manufactured and redesigned. For this reason, the workshop is equipped with advanced ventilation and electrical installations, acoustics, waste management facilities, etc., to facilitate work in the workshop and to comply with the health and safety rules from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

    The workshop has good access for receipt and dispatch of large machines now and in the future.