Rhine bridge adapted to flood protection

DJI 0277

The new Hard-Fussach replacement bridge will put an end to the repeated flooding incidents, which have plagued the local floodplains in recent decades.

  • Hard-Fussach, Austria
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2012 - 2021
  • Client
    Office of the Vorarlberg Provincial Government, Department of Road Construction
  • Between the two Vorarlberg communities Hard and Fussach a new state-of-the-art bridge will replace the old Rhine bridge, which has been classified as critical from a flood protection perspective.

    The new bridge will increase flood protection and at the same time it will be able to meet the modern traffic requirements - two traffic lanes, a bus lane and a foot and cycle path are planned for the 255 metre-long bridge.

  • Hard fussach render
  • The bridge is of the "extradosed bridge" type - a type in which the guidance of tendons runs outside the cross-section of the deck girder.

    Another special feature is the geometry of the piers, which "unfold" from a rhombus to a rectangle from bottom to top.

  • Rhine bridge hard fussach2

    Hard-Fussach is a 4-span steel composite bridge with a dissolved cable structure. It has three new piers, of which two of the pylons support the cable structure.

  • Rhine bridge hard fussach 3 1700x800 jpg 1
    Once the traffic has been rerouted via the new bridge, the old bridge, dating back to the 1970s, will be demolished.
  • See video, produced by Habau Group, on YouTube.