Inside-outside flow in Chinese office and factory complex

Dissing+Weitling, BOAO, bird view

Green elements such as gardens and terraces, as well as flexible and transparent architecture contribute to a climate of wellbeing in the new BOAO building complex in the Hainan Province in China.

  • Chonqing, China
    Workspaces and Educations
    2018 - In Progress
  • Client
    Chongqing Boao Group og SIPPR
    27,000 m²
  • Our design of the new BOAO complex, encompassing office, factory, VIP facilities, kitchen, exhibition hall, auditorium, gardens and more, reflects the Chinese climate and needs of various users; flow, transparency and connection are core values throughout the design.

    Work space for the future

    The architecture offers a smooth flow between inside and outside space and a variety of layout possibilities like free seating and movement-inspiring areas. This creates a strong identity for the complex and it means that employees enter into a productive corporate milieu.

    The outside areas connect the different parts of the building, creating a unique complex, where employees can meet in more informal workspaces such as terraces and gardens.

  • Dissing+Weitling, BOAO, outdoor passage

  • Sustainability

    The ventilated double facade with built-in sun screening keeps the heat out of the interior, saving energy and ensuring an optimal climate for employees in the building. Some lower gardens are protected from the sun and provide light to the club offices/cafeteria and a cool, protected place for employees on their lunchbreak.

    Flexible structure

    The architecture has an overall flexible structure, which makes it possible to organise the offices around some smaller courtyards and create different flows on the site. There is a clear distinction between all the public spaces on the first levels and the office levels above. A broad and welcoming entrance gives an attractive first impression of the building upon arrival.

    The top floor is treated architecturally as a ‘penthouse’, and the facades are drawn slightly away from the edge of the building to create the effect of a ‘flying’ roof.

  • Vip room