New housing and commerce linked by a green outdoor space

Vibenshus EXT View03 Aerial Dusk edit

In a central corner in Copenhagen, 15.000 m² housing and offices are being built to exploit some tricky geometry, to create harmony between the existing and new buildings, and to make space for green common areas.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    2018 - Under Construction
  • Client
    ATP Ejendomme
    EKJ / Opland / Raundahl & Moesby A/S
    9,000 m² offices and 6,000 m² residential
  • Dissing+Weitling’s answer to an integrated residential-office complex on a busy corner site is to separate the two types of building but also to link them with materials and green cohesion.

    Multifunctional building for a central location

    The two different-purpose buildings are situated in a busy and architecturally complex area of the city, meaning that the best solution and the best utilisation of the geometry is to separate the two types of building, and yet render them a certain cohesion through a common green outdoor area.

    The nine-storey office block, named 21Ø, gradually drops down to four storeys towards Aldersrogade to fit in with the surroundings. It appears as an independent building towards Vibenshus Runddel, while the homes are more secluded and appear as a continuation of the existing residential block.

  • Dissing Weitling Vibenshus Lyngbyvej Evening
  • According to the plan, the building must be awarded the DGNB gold certificate.

  • Dissing Weitling Vibenshus visualisering Dusk
    The colours and materials in all the facades are in line with the surrounding buildings, and a noise barrier, common terraces on roofs, good reception areas, etc. have also been integrated in the plans to create attractive surroundings to work and live in the heart of Copenhagen.

  • Green roof terrace and courtyard gardens

    We have established green areas for residents above an underground carpark between the housing and offices. Footpaths wind between trees and areas for cycle parking. Via terraces and steps, there is access to a courtyard garden from the ground-floor flats.