Slagelse Footbridge

New pedestrian bridge connecting neighbourhoods

Perronbro Slagelse DW Photo Niels Nygaard 05

The new pedestrian bridge will tie the city together and give better access to the platform, bus terminal, parking and educational sites.

  • Slagelse, Denmark
    Public Spaces and Stations, Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2016 - 2021
  • Client
    The City of Slagelse
    90 m
    Niels Nygaard // Dissing+Weitling
  • Awards
    BIM Awards Winner 2021
  • Practical considerations and designs are integrated into a whole that appears easily conceivable and at the same time manifests itself architecturally in the area.

  • Dissing Weitling Slagelse gangbro Photo Niels Nygaard web
  • The pedestrian bridge will be a new passage over the railway linking the residential areas and the areas on the north side to the campus and the town center on the south side.

  • Dissing Weitling Slagelse gangbro Photo Niels Nygaard web underside
  • Our analysis of the site, functions and statics have led to a simple and elegant bridge design with strong and robust solutions – the design relates to the railway technical installations and the natural flows of commuters in the area.

  • Dissing Weitling Pedestrian bridge Slagelse Photo Niels Nygaard web stairs