Køge Footbridge

An architectural link between port and city

Dissing+Weitling, Køge Footbridge, cyclist

Køge Footbridge fits nicely into the landscape and is designed to provide access to special vehicles going to and from the busy container port.

  • Køge, Denmark
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2006 - 2008
  • Client
    The City of Køge, Technical Admnistration
    Grøntmij, Carl Bro / Jeppe Aagaard Andersen
    40 m
  • Køge Footbridge turns and leans, so both cyclists and pedestrians experience a coherent trip over Værftsvej to the marina.

    The design of Køge Footbridge is both aesthetic and feasible; not only is the bridge a gateway to the city, it is crossing the main thoroughfare to Køge Port, being one of Denmark's most important cargo hubs servicing the Baltic Sea region. The bridge therefore has the ability to open – the middle section of 12 metres can be removed by crane, when necessary two to three times a year.

    The construction gives a light impression with graceful swings on the way. The bridge swing as the path slows down towards the residential district, which leads to bikers and pedestrians experiencing a coherent trip. Lighting is integrated into the handrail, contributing to a feeling of security and sturdiness of this light structure.