Pier Bridge

Pier Bridge (Pirbrua) spans the river Nidelva

Pirbrua Credit Tronheim Havn

New bascule bridge with distinctive fins in steel at the river Nidelven in Trondheim.

  • Norway
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2006 - 2009
  • Client
    The Norwegian State Transportations Agency
  • Dissing+Weitling and COWI's proposal for a new bascule bridge won the 2007 competition for a new passage over the Nidelven in the Norwegian city of Trondheim.

  • Pirbrua m fodgænger Credit Tronheim Havn
    The 130 metres-long Pier Bridge is a shortcut for pedestrians crossing the river.
  • The design

    The bridge is a bascule design with a free span of 16 metres, two road lanes as well as pedestrian and cycle paths cantilevered from the longitudinal box girders.

    The bascule's two fins repeat the triangular figures from the box girders supports and contribute both to a substantial lightening of the structure and to the bridge's characteristic, pronounced profile. At night the bridge is lit by fittings integrated in the handrails.

  • Pirbrua Habour Credit Trondheim Havn
    The Pier Bridge forms a part of a ring road developed to lead traffic round Trondheim's city centre.