Lübeck housing

First prize for 20,000 square metres of housing in Lübeck

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Our proposal for a new residential area in Lübeck consists of senior housing, student housing, public housing, and apartments.

  • Lübeck, Germany
    2012 - 2013
  • Client
    Lübecker Bauvereins
    WE Architecture // Topos Landskapsarkitekter
  • The proposal won first prize in an invited competition for approximately 20,000 square metres of housing in Lübeck, Germany.

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    The competition "Wohnquartier für Jung und Alt" was organized by the Lübeck Bauvereins (Housing Authority).
  • The houses, located on both sides of Ratzeburger Allee in Lübeck, is designed to replace the existing, outdated housing stock.

    Lübeck housing focuses on creating optimal space for life between the blocks, organising the houses and the surrounding spaces with room for different functions.