Hiroshima Peace Bridges

Japanese and Danish Design Elegance

Dissing+Weitling, Hiroshima Peace Bridges, overview

The footbridges across the Motoyasu-Gawa River are in harmony with the surrounding environment and the existing bridge.

  • Hiroshima, Japan
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
  • Client
    The City of Hiroshima
    Buro Happold, Engineer
    80 m
  • The project reflects the best in Japanese architecture and design – simplicity and careful detailing – and in so doing it pays respect to the Peace Memorial Park. The bridge has been carefully crafted with the box girder's varied cross-section with twisted planes giving it a sweeping, airborne elegance. Having no double curved planes, the shape is easy to construct.

    The pedestrians experience crossing the Motoyasu-gawa River as if they were walking on light. The bridge has bituminous asphalt decking with a sparkling metallic aggregate reflecting light during the day and night. At night the bridge is lit up by small, cylindrical, fiber-optic lights cast in the decking material. The toughened and laminated glass handrails create a ribbon of light across the river, providing safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Elegance and safety

    The bridges are adjacent to the green bands and mark the entrance to the Peace Memorial Park. We have designed the areas around the bridges as a continuation of the green bands – an urban area with green, very slightly elevated, landscape triangles that direct the flow of pedestrians and bicycles without obstructing their view.