Energinet Power Poles

Discreet high voltage power pole for future power supply

Dissing+Weitling, Energinet Power Poles, power supply grid

For the power supply, Dissing+Weitling has designed a new high voltage power pole. Energinet will use the design, when the company expands the high voltage infrastructure in southern and western Jutland to connect the Danish and European power grid.

  • South Jutland, Denmark
    Public Spaces and Stations
    2018 - Under Construction
  • Client
    170 km long / 32 m high
  • Danish company Energinet owns and operates the electric power transmission network in Denmark, which supplies all Danish households with electricity. The new power pole is called Thor-gi, and it combines an elegant design with simpler manufacture, assembly and maintenance.

    We have chosen a lattice structure with tubes for the design, and this is unprecedented in relation to power pylons. The solution creates a shorter and more subtle pylon, and Thor-gi appears as a harmonic structure that does not dominate the landscape in which it is placed. However, the fewer elements do not reduce its functionality, and this is vital for the green transition. We have to be able to share energy over a great distance as soon as it is produced, since wind and sun cannot be turned on and off at certain times.

    The joints in the lattice structure are complicated, and the design has required special technical expertise. Thor-gi is therefore based on long-term cooperation between Rambøll and Energinet on the Danish power supply grid.