Doha Expressway

A new bridge, underpasses and portals in Doha

M3 Bridge Photo 11

Dissing+Weitling’s design for a new bridge, underpasses and portals has a clear shape that in an effective way provides the users and the inhabitants in Doha with a unique and easily readable mobility solution.

  • Qatar
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
  • Client
    Ashghal, Infrastructure Affairs
  • As a part of the E-Ring road, the Mesaimeer Bridge will serve as an elevated highway in order to relieve the existing road.

  • M3 Bridge Photo 02
    The bridge will lift the majority of cars away from ground level and create a less trafficked area below the bridge.
  • M3 Bridge Photo 04
  • Besides the bridge, the project includes the design of six underpasses with a width varying from two to six lanes including portals and light concept.

  • The design is a clean shape, providing an elegant underpass - for road users travelling at the designated design speed the trip is very short and the amount of detail perceivable is limited. Therefore, our main concept was to unfold the underpasses in a big scale with an easily readable and visually expressive solution.