ADNEC Pedestrian Bridge

A safe pedestrian link in Abu Dhabi

Dw adnec footbridge exterior

Tryg overdækket passage med behageligt indendørsklima over ottesporet vej.

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2008 - 2009
  • Client
    Halcrow, Engineer / Waagner-Biro, General Contractor
    160 Meters
  • ADNEC pedestrian bridge connects the Middle East's largest exhibition center, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), with a newly created marine area in Abu Dhabi. The unique structure is enclosed and air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

    Dissing+Weitling has designed the ADNEC pedestrian bridge as a safe, covered passageway with pleasantly temperature-controlled indoor climate over an eight-lane road.

    With its 600 tons of steel and 132 glass panels, the bridge spans a heavily trafficked coastal road with a simple, sleek and yet distinctive design. When passing, the pedestrians can enjoy the refining and detailing of the construction, from handrails to material choices.

    Visual rhythm

    The articulation of the span is expressed by ribs along the underside of the deck, and echoed in the glass screen joints, the handrail connection, and standing-seam roof. These elements provide visual scale and rhythm, emphasizing the curvature of the span in perspective.

  • Dw adnec footbridge underneath