Køge Nord Station: Greater Copenhagen’s new landmark for green mobility opens

Køge Nord Station Foto af Rasmus Hjortshoj COAST Studio
May 31, 2019

The inauguration of a new transportation hotspot Køge Nord Station is taking place today, introducing a spectacular pedestrian bridge, a station and parking facilities to the public.

  • Køge Nord Station is not only a significant crossing for sustainable mobility but also a unique example of Danish architecture and engineering – created by COBE and Dissing+Weitling with COWI as the leading consultant.

    An international architecture competition for Køge Nord Station was issued in 2014. Five years later, the project has reached its climax; the new public transportation gate to Copenhagen has become a reality, bringing crowds effectively to and from the Danish Capital. Køge Municipality and the rest of the region now have a landmark of international dimensions: a futuristic 225 metres long pedestrian bridge and station running above highspeed train tracks and an eight-lane motorway.

  • Køge Nord Station Foto af Rasmus Hjortshoj COAST Studio
    Photos by Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST STUDIO
  • The station’s architecture and technical design both cater for the good travel experience where people passing the pedestrian bridge can enjoy an open view to the North yet having a calming wooden construction to the South for intimacy. The bridge has dedicated zones for both movement and for sojourn.

    – People use a large part of their lives on transportation. Our goal has been to give the bridge a quality beyond just functional and practical: warm and friendly surroundings for both transit and waiting. We simply wanted to create an inviting space for the people using the station – not just a standard transportation facility. The warm interior balances well with the cool and smooth exterior of steel and aluminium, giving the bridge its futuristic infrastructural feel.” says Architect and Partner at Dissing+Weitling, Jesper B. Henriksen.

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