Kiel Skuespilhus

Alteration and extension of a German theatre

Schauspielhaus Kiel 02 L

Alteration and extension was carried out to accommodate the requirements for a flexible, multipurpose theatre, and at the same time preserve the architectual characteristic.

  • Kiel, Germany
    Extensions, Transformations, Culture
    1996 - 1998
  • Client
    City of Kiel
    Hagemann+Schellwien // Dr.-Ing. B. Kriegel // Jordan Akustik // Gerling + Arendt // Kettner, Dr. Werner + Wolf
  • The transformation made it possible to extend the stage floor and create a divided hydraulic podium in the orchestra pit, which could allow both classical theatre performances, and a modern repertoire.

  • Schauspielhaus Kiel
    The harmonic interior consists of panels in veneered pear wood, anthracite-colored ceiling and back wall, as well as black floor and chair seats.

    The theatre is situated in the city centre of Kiel. It consists of a main building facing the street as well as middle and rear buildings in the inner part of the block.

  • The transformation team decided to preserve the original layout, which divides the house into three sections - a front building, an auditorium, and a stage building.

    The front building has been renovated and partially rebuilt with a cafeteria, ticket sales, cloakroom, and foyer. Two rehearsal stages have been set up in the attic. And in a new building, a multifunctional venue has been established with separation between the audience and staff.

  • Schauspielhaus Kiel 04 L
    The complex was built in 1905.
  • In the middle building, two halls, as well as foyer areas for the audience, workshops, and staff rooms have been updated. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility in the large hall, a stage curtain has been hung in the portal opening instead of the traditional iron curtain, and the hall is equipped with sprinklers.

    It is clad with panels veneered with pear wood, while the ceiling and back wall are anthracite-colored, the parquet floor and chair seats are black, thus appearing in beautiful harmony with the rest of the interior.