Jægersborg pedestrain and bicycle bridge

Pathway improves access to train station

Dissing Weitling jaegersborg Stibro sving

The main bridge over the motorway connects the residential areas of Jægersborg to the station.

  • Jægersborg, Denmark
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2012 - 2013
  • Client
    The Danish Road Autorities
    42 m
  • The curved shape and yellow colour of the Jægersborg pathway is a practical and visual highlight of the infrastructural junction at Jægersborg Station, where the S-train network, the Nærum railroad and Helsingør motorway come together.

    The focus of the project is to create the best possible conditions for vulnerable road users and at the same time improve traffic flow and safety for all users.

  • Dissing Weitling Jaegersborg Stibro under bro
  • The bridge's accessibility and almost flat vertical profile make it convenient for wheelchair users.