Izmir Bay Link

Optimising the infrastructure in the Izmir Bay

Dissing+Weitling, Izmir Bay Link, view

Dissing+Weitling’s design proposal for The Izmir Bay Link is a half moon shaped structure with multiple purposes and the capability decrease traffic through Izmir downtown.

  • Izmir Bay, Turkey
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2015 - In Progress
  • Client
    Yüksel Proje Uluslararasi
  • The Izmir Bay Link is part of the overall project of upgrading the infrastructure in and around the Izmir Bay.

    Artifical island shaped like a half moon

    The solution consists of an artificial island, located in the transition between a bridge and a tunnel, which will become a part of the new Izmir Bay Link. Its location is given by the straight alignment coming from the North and the limitation of the Navigation channel.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Izmir Bay Link, road
  • The length of the Island is fixed by the location of the light rail on the bridge and the position of the light rail inside the tunnel tubes. Since the location of the light rail is not aligned between the bridge and the tunnel, the light rail has to cross below the road on the Island creating a 300-metre long extension of the Island.

    The ”Moon” is 'hollow' and can be used for numerous purposes – everything from restaurants to museums or recreational areas.