Iron Horse

New bike and pedestrian bridge in California


Safe passing for pedestrians and bicyclists along the Iron Horse Trail at Bollinger Canyon Road and Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon.

  • San Ramon, California
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
    2019 - 2024
  • Client
    The City of San Ramon
    Total length 103 m / Main span 60 m
    COWI North America
  • Dissing+Weitling did the design for the new 200 foot-long cable stayed bridge. When completed, the overcrossing will become part of the lron Horse Trail.

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  • Improved safety and flow

    The proposed overcrossing will improve access and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians along the Iron Horse Trail and will create a pedestrian-friendly environment at the major arterial crossing.

    The bridge over the Bollinger Canyon Road Crossing is one of three major crossing concepts. The character of the area surrounding the trail comprises office buildings and corporate campuses besides a shopping center southeast of San Ramon Central Park and a school. Hitherto there has been a lot of waiting at the signals and unsafe crossing. The new bridge is initiated by the city to improve this traffic flow, improve the safety and visibility beside improve health and welfare of citizens of the communities.

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    The pedestrian bridge provides an opportunity to create a green spine running through the vast suburban landscape, the Iron Horse trail.
  • Conceptual and detailed design

    Dissing+Weitling did a study of different bridge concepts suitable for the specific needs and environment.

    The proposed cable stayed bridge is fitted into the landscape and provides a unique and functional design - a landmark relating to the adjacent neighborhoods and community, thus creating a positive experience for users.

    In addition to the signature design, ramp abutments, maintenance, lightings, drainage, screening and more are taken in to consideration by the team of advisors.

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