Housing on the City’s Roof

Winning Proposal - New attic space in a heritage building


Dissing+Weitling won the "Bolig på Byens Tage" (Housing on the City’s Roof) competition with a roof project that respects the building's heritage.

  • Aarhus, Denmark
    Residential, Transformations
    2001 - 2002
  • Client
    Aarhus Kommune / By- og Boligministeriet
  • Dissing+Weitling's winning proposal in the competition "Boliger på Byens Tage" (Housing on the City’s Roof) demonstrates how the roof of a heritage building can be transformed to create a balance between existing and new building elements.

    Oversized dormer windows

    The characteristic apartment building at Stadion Allé 24 in Aarhus dates back to the 1930s and features rhythmically prominent dormer windows on the façade. This rhythm is continued in the project proposal with large two-story 'super dormer' that harmonize with the building’s architecture and highlight its unique features.

    At the top of the large dormers, spaces have been created behind large glass panels with adjustable sunshades, allowing residents to enjoy the view and the light while also having the option to sit protected behind the slats. All new additions - light intake, view, and roof shape - are individually designed elements that subordinate themselves to the building’s existing features.

    Harmony and renewal

    The project integrates a light core with the existing structure without disturbing the transitions. The inherent qualities of the building are thus preserved, resulting in bright, pleasant spaces that fit into the whole as a harmonious addition.

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    The Jury on the Winning Proposal:
    (...) "Whether it turns out to be a standalone case or develops into a general utilization of attic spaces on Stadion Allé, the project will add diversity to the area's neoclassical homogeneity."

  • The competition was announced by By- og Boligministeriet (the Ministry of Urban and Housing Affairs) in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality and Grundejernes Investeringsfond (the Landowners' Investment Fund). The proposal by Dissing+Weitling was selected as the winner among 139 submissions.