Stadium Aarhus

A stadium in the woods - designed in wood

KKAA Aarhus Stadium Preparing for Tonight edit

Team Dissing+Weitling, Kengo Kuma, MASU Planning and MOONN's proposal for a new iconic football stadium in Kongelund in Aarhus takes full advantage of the green surroundings and attempts to break down the boundaries between forest and building.

  • Aarhus, Denmark
    Culture and Museums
    2022 - 2022
  • Client
    Aarhus kommune
    Kengo Kuma // MASU Planning // MOONN
  • KKAA Aarhus Stadium Zoomed In Michail Kafasis edit
    The wood is bright and golden and the boundaries between forest and building are blurred.
  • A wooden stadium

    The team proposes a stadium designed in wood - communing with the green surroundings and the cultural landscape.

    Facades, materials and the special repetitive construction create a cohesion with the surrounding trees in Kongelunden. The openness of the facade on all four sides invites guests and passers-by inside.

    Audience flow, access to fan zones and varying levels via balcony solutions ensure a multidimensional use of space both before, during and after matches.

  • MOONN Aarhus Stadium West Concourse edit
    Among 42 international teams, six selected teams competed in 2022 in the competition to design a new football stadium in Aarhus.

    The openness on the ground floor provides a transition zone between the inside and the outside.

  • KKAA Aarhus Stadium Let The Game Begin Michail Kafasis edit
    Publikumsområder, VIP- og fanzoner er tilrettelagt ud fra kriterier som åbenhed og fleksibilitet.

    The stadium has a kind of 'nest structure' that protects the audience from wind, sun and rain, and ensures high comfort. The structure appears light and spacious, so that the stadium opens up to its surroundings and becomes part of the surrounding forest.