Odense Footbridge

A bridge with visual and emotional impact

Dissing Weitling Odense Stibro render

Odense Footbridge is a recognisable structure with a strong visual expression

  • Odense, Denmark
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges
  • Client
    The City Of Odense
  • The new bridge serves pedestrians and cyclists, creating a route for getting across the railway tracks west of Odense station and a fixed link between the city and harbour. The City of Odense attached great importance to the project as part of the extensive development of Odense and expected the bridge to provide a strong visual impact for the city.

  • Dissing Weitling Odense Stibro Plan
  • The expectations of the visual and emotional impact of the bridge were uppermost in the minds of the Dissing+Weitling architects during the design phase. Architect, Partner and Managing Director Steen Savery Trojaborg says:

    "The architectural vision took its departure in the sheltering hollows of sand dunes, trees that grow together over your head like a roof and the comforting wing of a swan shielding you from harm.”

    The result is a very recognisable structure with a strong visual expression:

    “The architectural vision has a great visual impact: sweeping elegant lines that effortlessly create both the bridge deck and the roof in one fluid, organic structure produced in white metal and glass; it is an exquisite, almost poetic shape that integrates the bridge and the roofs, creating a unified structure of great vitality. The characteristic shape provides pedestrians and cyclists with varied spatial experiences and very different points on the bridge.”

    The panel of judges.

  • Dissing Weitling Odense Stibro render2