Novo Nordisk PS Warehouse

A subtle building for the pharmaceutical industry

Dissing+Weitling, Novo Nordisk PS Warehouse, facade

The design of the PS Warehouse solves the Danish pharma giant's need for a function-separated warehouse with a well thought-out logistics that also provides a good workplace.

  • Hillerød, Denmark
    Workspaces and Educations
    2014 - 2018
  • Client
    Novo Nordisk
    Alectia / Henrik Jørgensen
    21,000 m²
  • The building is used to handling raw material for manufacturing medicines for, among other things, diabetic patients.

    The functional design creates the best conditions for the building's complex internal logistics. It is 21,000 m², containing rooms suited for handling frost, acids and bases, enzymes and more, as well as laboratories and office facilities.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Novo Nordisk PS Warehouse, overview
  • Light and well-being

    Although no daylight may enter the warehouses, we have been determined to optimize the amount of daylight in other parts of the building – to create spatial quality and well-being for the employees. Therefore, the building's other rooms have windows in the ceiling and large windows sections.

    The facades is made of bricks, which relate to the other facades of Novo Nordisk's other factory and administration facilities in Hillerød. The facades give the building a strict and subtle expression.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Novo Nordisk PS Warehouse, facade angle